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Who Are We?

KSDAC LLP is a tightly knit team of talented engineers and designers that specialise in visualizing, planning, designing and developing high performance, scalable software systems.

We are a digital transformation consultancy and engineering company that delivers cutting edge solutions for customers at all scales - startup to enterprise. Our process enables you to reimagine your business through digitalisation.

Our customers receive the boost needed to pioneer innovation and efficiency via the development of cutting-edge enterprise software that exactly fits their needs – for a fraction of the cost, time and risk of traditional software development.

  • Business excellence through automation and engineering.
  • Streamlined development process for timely delivery.
  • Avoid wasted development cycles via change management.
  • Extensive automation & CI/CD for minimizing errors.


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12-A, Nemi Road, Dalan Wala,
Dehradun, India

Interesting Facts

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form. Or better yet, give us a call !

Its short for Korega Software Developers & Consultants. Korega means "this is" in Japanese and we want to show our customers just what software & consultation is all about.

We believe in building meaningful, long-term relationships with our customers and partners. To this end we are willing to go the extra mile and do offer additional discounts if we believe they are needed.
As a disclaimer, this is usually reserved only for early stage & pre-seed startups and is a show of faith from us that we believe in you.

Our company works on fully remote modus operandi and our team is spread across multiple regions in India and abroad.

We are registered in Dehradun because of our humble beginnings as a startup in the foothills of the Himalayas, founded by two Pahadi engineers with a dream.

While we try our best to accomodate every requirement, our stack and the technologies we work on are chosen with utmost care so we can continue to ensure customer success & the most ROI for our customers.

That being said, please do connect so we can figure out if this will be a deal breaker or not. We are always adding new tech !